5 Must-Haves For Your Vehicle Interior

5 Must-Haves For Your Vehicle Interior

With covid upon us, many us are opting to stay local rather than taking that long vacation where travel requires a long, drawn out flight.  And with some things resuming back to normal, we are still spending as much time in our vehicles-taking the kids to sports, going back to the gym, meeting the girls for a night out, finally going out on that romantic date- as we used to, if not more.  Here are the five best ways for you to maximize your comfort in your vehicle whatever it is that you’re attempting today!

1.  A travel pillow by Passenger. 

While other pillows promise to keep you comfortable, this gem of a pillow delivers!  Truly designed with comfort in mind, your children will thank you for keeping this luxury detail close by.  No more fussing, its resting in the car made easy.  Don't leave home without it.

2.   A travel blanket by Passenger. 

Soft and travel sized, make the most of a long trip or sleepy trip by providing that extra level of comfort.   

3.  Toiletries

Not just meant for the home.  I cannot tell you how many times my daughter shrieked in a panic because she forgot to put her deodorant on before school.  Food on the go? No problem.  Keep a few dozen tooth sticks in the center console so you don’t drive yourself mad with food stuck in your teeth.  We also recommend keeping a collapsible hairbrush, disposable toothbrush, and hand wipes for any and all occasions.  Takes very little room and you will be happy you have them when needed and they will be! 

4.  Phone holder and charger

Lets face it.  We can’t make it past the front door without our smart phone.  Keep your hands free while traveling by placing the proper smart phone holder at arms length away.  It is safer and far less distracting than reaching for it while driving.  Also, a dead phone is useless phone so don’t forget the charger!  

5.  Umbrella

Folks, this is self explanatory.  It rains.  Be prepared.  We like to keep two or more pint-sized umbrellas depending on your entourage.  Easily fits in your door.  

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